Welcome to Korumusic

Relax.  Kick back in the Koru lounge and take in their blend of classic Café Del Mar chillout, balearic downbeat, and electronica.  John McGough’s sweet sax lines and Matt Wanstall’s lush production create a rich backdrop for the dreamy tones of vocalist Liz Sykes.




New Remix EP due in August

Just as with our previous release of remixes of "Hear Me" we are about to release a set of remixes of "No Troubles". There's a fantastic set of radio remixes that really set the track in a different light alongside some club mixes by the likes of "Primo" - a couple of the mixes are now previewed on the Soundcloud page in full - check them out and let us know what you think!



K3 Out Now!

The wait is over! Despite far too much time elapsing another Koru EP is with us featuring "No Troubles" a track that's being kicking around in various forms for a while, "Error of my ways" a first co-write with Liz, and "Touching your Soul" a dub tinged voyage into the sunset. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/k3-single/id673981113


New EP release - "Hear Me - The Remixes" is out now 24th September

The idea for this release started when Carl Cox loved "Hear Me" so much that he asked if he could remix it. Naturally we said yes and decided to put on our dancing shoes and put together a full remix package. It took a while but here it is, sounding fantastic and finished off with great artwork from Tim Gilbert. Enjoy!

You can get it on itunes here..


New EP release - "K2" is out now!

After a much longer than anticipated wait we're back! Our new EP "K2" is out now and features new tracks "Easy Riser","Chemical City", and "Beyond The Stars". It also includes "Submariner" which has only ever previously been released on the Cafe Del Mar "Dreams 4" compilation. There's a taster on the Soundcloud page if you wanna take a listen. Let us know what you think, there's a slightly different sound to this EP!

11 Million Youtube plays!


"I Believe" (which featured on Cafe Del Mar Volume 14, and the "K1" EP) now has 5 million plays and counting on Youtube. Nothing to do with the chiffon dress we're sure...Check it out here:


Cafe Del Mar - Alicante, Spain

The summer has arrived and the sunset season came early for KORU with several May gigs in Alicante, Cafe Del Mar and Mosquito Bar being some of their favorites. Koru were invited back to Alicante for various dates after last year’s success.

"Our music just works over there" explains John. "The vibe is very Spanish and the older Cafe Del Mar material is a perfect fit"..


In the lab: remixing

The Koru boys are currently pulling together some remixes for Hear Me that will be released as a separate EP in August. There are already a couple of more upbeat mixes including a fantastic Primo mix, and Matt is working on an ultra chilled Atticus mix. The legendary Mr Carl Cox loves this track and wants to remix it, so time permitting we hope to have a mix from him as well. We are also working on remixes for a forthcoming track "No troubles" that has massive dance floor potential. We'll post you a couple of tasters soon!